Wow Them with Your Presentation — Woo Them with Your Call to Action

An excellent website is a living tool that informs people about your business and turns them into customers. Your business needs a website that attracts people, invites them to stick around for a while, then gives them a call to action, typically to buy something or contact you.

Creating a website is the foundation of a digital marketing strategy. Bradford Strategies has experience creating custom-tailored websites and marketing strategies that have helped many businesses grow and evolve with spectacular presentation and effective calls to action.

How Do I Create an Engaging and Memorable Website?

People have to enjoy being on your website if you want to turn them into customers. A visitor-focused website has some key features, including:

  • Readable fonts and appropriate, beautiful graphics
  • An understanding of your customers and what they want from your website
  • An intuitive navigation system that allows users to find what they want without having to think too much
  • Style and content that focuses on your brand
  • Contact information that’s always easy to find
  • An obvious call to action, like a buy button

While it’s relatively easy to maintain your site once it’s live, you need a professional like Bradford Strategies to create the design and strategically place those call to action buttons. In addition to boosting sales, an engaging website improves your search engine ranking, leading to more organic traffic to your site.

How Do People Find My Website?

The first step to getting potential clients to your website is helping the search engines find it. That’s the goal of search engine optimization (SEO). Google and other search engines spend countless resources delivering the best search results to their users.

SEO provides steps to make your website one of the top results people find when searching for a topic related to your business. Things that optimize your website to rank higher in search results include:

  • Having a fast loading speed
  • Using keywords from your industry that people search for
  • Having strong security
  • Having a quality site map, which is part of the website code
  • Having reputable backlinks
  • Receiving excellent reviews
  • Linking to other pages within your site
  • Creating links between your social media sites and your website

Does My Website Need Original Content?

Publishing fresh, original content on your website makes search engines rank you higher. Content is another avenue you have to add some wow to your website and guide visitors to take action. Effective ways to use content include:

  • Blog posts about your business covering popular search topics
  • Videos of yourself, your business and your products
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers

Publish high-quality content that customers want. Then they’ll have a reason to come back to your website when they’re ready to buy your products or services.

How Do I Make a Call to Action on My Website?

A website call to action is often in the form of a floating button, highlighted text or underlined words. It asks the user to do things like:

  • Add to cart
  • Learn more
  • Like our page
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Chat with a representative
  • Buy now
  • Donate

Your call to action gets visitors to your site to take the next step toward becoming customers. The best calls to action are easy to see and understand so your customers expend minimal effort finding and using them. Bradford Strategies has experience creating high-quality marketing solutions, including designing websites that attract searchers and convert them to customers. Contact Bradford Strategies today.