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PPC and SEO: It Takes Two, Baby

If you’re interested in creating a winning digital marketing strategy, the best play is to rely on the combined power of pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). When these techniques are employed together, they form a powerful combination to attract new customers and grow your business.

Learning about PPC and SEO gives you the best opportunity to realize success in your digital marketing. Bradford Strategies has mastered PPC and SEO. This local marketing firm implements these techniques in marketing campaigns for businesses near Waretown, NJ, Toms River, New York City and around the country.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO helps your website appear more often on the results page when someone does a relevant online search. Search engines try to find the best matches for searches. Including content in your website related to what potential customers search for shows a search engine that your site is germane and valuable.

What search engines look for on your website is the written content. A search engine’s algorithm is programmed to look for content that show your website is worthy of inclusion in search results. Bradford Strategies improve your site’s SEO content in several ways, including:

  • Easy-to-understand language to explain your topic
  • Descriptive, clear and helpful website writing
  • The terms potential customers are likely to search for, called keywords

Improving SEO strengthens your organic ranking. Your organic ranking grows over time as people find your site helpful and search engines learn to trust it. There’s no way to pay to improve your organic ranking because the search engine’s only priority is to deliver its users the best results.

What Is Pay Per Click?

To enable PPC, you pay a search engine to show your ad/listing to people who search for specific words. You only pay for PPC if someone clicks on your ad. Google Ads is one of the most important PPC services. Besides getting your ads onto Google’s search page, you have several other options with Google Ads, including:

  • Changing ads anytime to target a specific group
  • Promoting a product or coupon for a limited time
  • Putting your ad on websites all over the web to reach new customers

PPC services don’t directly improve your organic search rankings the way SEO does. But PPC is a method to display your site listing or ad to people at the top of the page when they search for topics related to your business.

How Do PPC and SEO Work Together?

PPC and SEO complement each other to create a well-rounded digital marketing campaign. Before your organic ranking improves, a PPC link generates traffic to your website. If your website has good SEO, people find it helpful, start to recognize your brand and use your site more in the future.

When people recognize your brand from PPC ads, they are more likely to click on your organic search results. PPC gives your website increased short-term traffic. SEO keeps people coming back to your site and sustains long-term traffic.

PPC quickly lets you see which keywords work, while SEO takes time to see the results. Knowing the keywords from PPC that attract customers informs your SEO to make it more effective. Contact Bradford Strategies today to see how their PPC and SEO techniques improve your website and increase your business.