How to Seamlessly Integrate SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential way to drive traffic to your website, but you shouldn’t think of SEO as a standalone approach. You’ll get better results if you integrate SEO with other types of marketing. In fact, top SEO firms like Bradford Strategies recommend integrating your SEO practices into your overall marketing strategy. Remember, SEO doesn’t mean keyword-stuffing, but considering which actions get you noticed by search engines and rank you high in search results.

One area that integrates well with your SEO strategies is in your content creation. You can also blend SEO practices into pay-per-click marketing (PPC), social media marketing and remarketing efforts, to name just a few. Bradford Strategies is exceptionally successful at incorporating these processes into your overall marketing plans.

Why Integrate SEO Into Content Creation?

Creating quality content helps you connect with your website visitors, but it also influences your SEO efforts, which is equally important. Content refers to the written copy, messages and words you use. Optimize your content for both people and search engines for best results. Steps involved in integrating SEO into content creation include:

  • Doing keyword research
  • Adding keywords early in content
  • Writing with clarity and intention
  • Knowing your target audience

No matter how good your content is, excellent writing won’t attract prospects if you’re not getting listed high up on the search engine results page. Write unique titles and descriptions and avoid duplicate content. Write to solve the problems of your audience using the keywords they’re likely to search for.

How Can SEO Be Integrated in Social Media Marketing?

Social media offers a great opportunity to engage with prospects and distinguish your brand. It allows you to get your content in front of a larger audience and gain insight into those you’re targeting. Some ways you can integrate SEO into your social media marketing include:

  • Using keyword phrases to drive brand recognition
  • Posting authoritative content
  • Writing compelling titles in social media posts using relevant keywords and phrases

When you incorporate keywords into social media posts, you increase the reach of your messages. Even if you don’t feel your audience is on a particular social platform, simply posting to it can improve your search engine rankings. Bring your social media profiles into alignment with the SEO strategies being used on your website.

How Do I Integrate SEO into Paid Marketing?

While many business owners think SEO is just a way to grow traffic organically, the same strategies that drive traffic through search engines improve results in paid marketing too. To get great results from your paid marketing, try:

  • Testing new keywords in your PPC marketing
  • Cross-analyzing data on both organic searches and PPC
  • Using a consistent message on paid and organic posts to make your brand more recognizable

Paid marketing also benefits your SEO strategy. Paid ads that bring the most conversions provide information you can use on your website for meta descriptions, title tags and on-site content. Everything works better when you’ve integrated all your strategies into one consistent message.

Where Can I Learn More About Integrating SEO with My Marketing Strategies?

Your SEO efforts and your other marketing strategies aren’t mutually exclusive. By seamlessly integrating them, you create recognizable and consistent brand messaging. Aligning your strategies is a valid reason to look for help.

Bradford Strategies can integrate SEO into your all your written content, social media marketing and paid marketing strategies. Their expertise allows you to create an integrated marketing strategy that works so you’ll stand out among the competition. Contact this New Jersey marketing firm today.