How COVID-19 Has Affected Your Website

How Do Post-Covid Websites Impact Marketing?

Covid-19 has impacted almost all aspects of life — from how we live to how we work and communicate. If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably found that COVID-19 has affected all aspects of your business as well, including your website. Through the changes, one thing is clear — the need for an effective online presence has never been greater.

It may be quite a while before people feel comfortable interacting in person again. Marketers and business owners must consider what needs to change on post-COVID websites and pandemic marketing strategies. Even as the world shifts back to pre-pandemic life, it’s time to focus heavily on your digital approach to marketing and to consider what post-COVID changes your website may need.

What’s Changed for In-Person Shopping During the Pandemic?

With customers spending more time online than ever before, you may have had to find new ways to stay connected to your customers online and to keep them engaged. Some businesses may have had to move services entirely online. Pandemic-related changes you may have experienced include:

  • In-person events are often cancelled
  • Brick-and-mortar sales have shifted to online
  • People are spending more time on websites
  • Online shopping habits have shifted to normally quiet times, such as midday

Increased online activity can be seen as an opportunity to promote your brand and fortify relationships with your customers, while being sensitive to how the pandemic has affected them. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, send an email and post signs in your store and on your website to assure customers you’re doing everything you can to protect their health. Offer light and positive content online to get them into your shop.

What Needs to improve in Website Functionality?

Website functionality is a big factor when assessing successful post-COVID websites. Areas to work on may include:

  • Page load speed. Speed and performance overcome technical barriers that help build relationships and rankings.
  • Mobile optimization. Today’s websites need to be easily viewable on mobile devices.
  • Fresh, relevant, regular content. Include images to regularly updated blogs, making sure to stay current with your website content and announcements.
  • Your website must provide a seamless experience for visitors to find their way around the site and to contact you, or they will quickly leave and find some other provider who does make it easy.

Work on improving how you showcase products and services. Videos are a great way to demonstrate value and improve engagement. Consider including new website features, like chatbots.

Where Can You Get Help with Post-COVID Websites?

Your website provides a platform for you to deliver information about your business and brand, such as location, hours and contact information. The competition is becoming fierce for post-COVID websites than ever before. You not only need to have a functioning website, but you need to establish yourself as a reliable source of information for your current and prospective customers.

Bradford Strategies can help you set up and/or manage your online presence, filling in any gaps there may be in your company’s online marketing strategy and expertise. Whether you need help with website design, content creation, SEO or paid search ads, they can help. Contact them today and let them help you stand out in the online marketplace.