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10 Ways to Make Better Use of a Blog

How Can You Use a Blog to Your Advantage?

A blog isn’t some mysterious place swallowed in mist, mosquitos and croaking frogs. That’s a bog. A blog, in its simplest terms, is a short online article. You can make better use of a blog by using it as the least expensive and most diverse tool in your marketing kit.

There are millions of blogs out there, many on the same subjects as you plan on presenting. The big question then is: How will your blog entice a large number of readers? What do you have to say that’s valuable and unique?

How Can You Create Enticing Blogs?

Do you remember attending a required seminar for work? If the presenter didn’t connect with you, you probably found it hard to learn anything, yet alone even keep your eyes open. Think of your blog as a short online presentation — and you’re the main speaker.

Sure, you want readers to learn about you and the chosen topic, but you won’t do that with dry commentary. Instead, add a little spice and entertainment. Answer questions your audience didn’t even know they had. For a business owner to make better use of a blog, consider:

  • Offering a dynamic presentational style replete with relevant subheadings
  • Writing a lead-in paragraph that captures the reader’s attention
  • Writing in a personable style like you were meeting the reader for a friendly cup of coffee
  • Creating relevant blog topics of interest to your target market
  • Telling relatable stories
  • Using humor to make a point
  • Refraining from words that could be taken the wrong way or aren’t politically correct

What Can You Do with a Blog?

Once you’ve created a blog that really catches the attention of your readers and makes them want to share your blogs with others, you’ve got to make a plan to get the most out of your sensational writing. You want readers to find you. You need eyes — eyes that turn into customers and ambassadors!

For many business owners, writing blogs is the hard part. But getting people to read, understand and share your message is the crucial piece missing from many marketing plans. Here are 10 tips to make better use of a blog:

  1. Publish your blog posts on a consistent basis on your website because you get higher rankings with search engines every time you post new material.
  2. Shoot for weekly blogs whenever possible, bi-weekly at the very least.
  3. Take advantage of all your social media channels to promote your blog.
  4. Use graphics and visual presentations to add imagery to delight your readers.
  5. Keep your blog and website updated with sought-after keywords that bring readers to your blog and site.
  6. Rely on legitimate resources to back up your claims and add to your credibility.
  7. Hire a professional blog writer to ensure you have sufficient copy each week.
  8. Create a blog schedule that everyone on your marketing team understands and adheres to.
  9. Use explicit marketing copy sparingly. Readers won’t come back if all they see are ads.
  10. Make yourself the expert in your industry with your blog.

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