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Does My Website Have to Be Flashy to Attract Attention?

In today’s marketplace, e-commerce dominates the way consumers purchase products and services. A well-designed website showcases what you’re offering and facilitates digital transactions. So the better you’re able to attract attention with your website, the more you may sell.

As internet speeds increase, websites gain flashy capabilities that can be delivered in real time. How much of that flash should your site use to capture visitors’ attention, engage consumers and persuade people to give you their business? Bradford Strategies understands the best ways to attract attention with your website, to take your website to the next level.

How Do I Attract Attention with My Website?

You must get creative to attract attention with your website and hook consumers within the first few seconds. That’s all it takes for website visitors to decide whether your website has what they’re looking for or not. The debate to go flashy or keep it simple has a long history.

While flashy websites catch people’s attention, they may trigger feelings of skepticism or annoyance. This comes from as long ago as the 1990s, when the first websites came on strong. So flashy websites are considered outdated. When planning your website design, take advice from an experienced professional like Bradford Strategies. Tips grounded in proven concepts include:

  • Simplify your web design. Don’t overstimulate your visitors with conflicting colors, irrelevant graphics and excessive use of animation. It’s distracting and causes confusion.
  • Communicate clearly. Keep your message straightforward and transparent, not overwhelming. Keep it short enough to be clear, but long enough to provoke interest. Avoid creating hype that comes across as insincere.
  • Guide visitors. Guide consumers to what they seek and make your website easy to navigate. Don’t give too many options, which can confuse website visitors. Call visitors to action.
  • Use keywords and search engine optimization (SEO). This tip ties into how your website appears, as SEO helps you draw visitors to your site. Keywords are the phrases that people enter in search engines to find your website.

How Do I Keep Visitors on My Website?

Even if you sufficiently attract attention with your website, the real test is maintaining that attention. An attractive website has a short-term appeal, but valuable content makes it worthwhile. Give your visitors reasons to stay. Even better, persuade them to buy from you and give them a reason to recommend your website to others.

A successful website has the right balance of charm and substance. Think of it like a first date. You may initially like what you see, but lose interest over a boring conversation. Keep your consumers engaged and wanting to explore more. Consider these additional tips to encourage your website visitors to hang around longer:

  • Add social proof to your website. When visitors see glowing testimonials from other real people, it adds to your authority and is another reason from them to trust you.
  • Use videos as a marketing tool that’s more engaging than text-only content. Just don’t allow those videos to start automatically. Put visitors in charge of their experience.
  • Include visually interesting and related graphics, including photographs, graphical elements, even charts, if applicable. Graphics break up the text and make your website more engaging.

A flashy website isn’t usually the answer. Team up with Bradford Strategies to attract attention with your website with appealing web designs, effective marketing strategies and visibility boost on social media.