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Kick Off the New Year with a New Website

A new year is a good time to get a new website. Keep up with the ever-changing trends and take advantage of the accelerating technological advancements. Regularly updating your website improves its functionality and enhances your visitors’ experience. An outdated website implies that you’re neglecting your business and may not prioritize customer service.

Updating your site involves changing your website’s design and improving its supporting mechanisms. Bradford Strategies has all the techniques to level up your business. Get ready to usher your website into the new year with a bang.

How Do I Get a New Website that Generates Interest?

Your website needs to spark interest within a few seconds. It’s all about instant gratification, so your website needs a strong hook. Aim for a visually appealing design that unambiguously represents your business. Communicating what your business does should be central to the design.

Some features to add when you get a new website include:

  • Using modern and stylish designs with simple layouts and color coordination that’s eye-catching
  • Incorporating plug-ins to enhance the customization of your website, but being conservative on how many you add — otherwise they may slow down your site loading speed
  • Avoiding the Flash plug-ins because It’s outdated and incompatible with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Making your website easy to navigate and avoiding unnecessary links
  • Ensuring your design is also mobile-friendly
  • Employing calls to action to ask visitors to join an email list or make a purchase
  • Adding pages to your website so that each page focuses on one thing (a product or service, for example)
  • Linking social media profiles to your website to increase your outreach and bolster your presence

How Do I Ensure My New Website Functions Efficiently?

Revamp your website every two to five years to keep up with the changes happening in cyberspace. Older websites look dated and load more slowly. Aside from appearance and features, your new website needs to perform quickly. Your visitors won’t wait long, when even 15 seconds is an interminable length of time.

Let Bradford Strategies lend their expertise when you decide to get a new website. When evaluating your existing website’s performance, examine the factors that include:

  • Visibility. You need SEO to give your website enough visibility to attract an audience. Incorporating updated SEO standards into your website improves its search results ranking.
  • Website features. Large files that haven’t been optimized to load quickly — like large graphics, animations and plug-ins — negatively impact the load time of your whole website.
  • Web server. The speed of the web server hosting your website affects its load time. Using a content delivery network (CDN) is another option. The CDN is a network of servers that synchronize to provide faster delivery of content. It reduces load time, withstands heavy traffic, reduces costs and secures your website.
  • Security. Security certificates help protect shared information and visitors’ privacy. It also helps with load time.

Now is the time to get a new website and make your mark. Contact Bradford Strategies to start 2022 with an engaging and functional new website.