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The Latest SEO Changes for 2022

New search engine optimization (SEO) best practices pop up like mushrooms after the rain, and 2022 SEO changes are no different. The main 2022 SEO changes to look out for include:

  • The importance of voice searches
  • The quality ranking of your content
  • The type of keywords you use

Staying on top of your site’s SEO ensures that people find your business, so you make more money. But just like trying to follow the IRS tax code changes every year, it’s difficult to maintain a strong SEO strategy while running your business. Instead, leave the details to Bradford Strategies, your New York/New Jersey SEO experts, to make sure as many people see your business as possible.

What Impact Do Voice Searches Have?

Voice searches are becoming the most popular search because of their convenience. Optimizing your SEO keywords for voice queries helps the search engine algorithms find your site in 2022. Changes to enhance your keywords for voice searches include:

  • Adding filler words ⁠— in, the, to, on, for ⁠— to make your keyword phrases more conversational
  • Using long-tail keywords that get you closer to the searcher’s intent, which are more likely to be used by voice searchers because it’s easier to say a long search phrase than to type one
  • Focusing on question keywords because many voice searches come in the form of questions

To keep pace with 2022 SEO changes, you need to understand what kinds of voice searches your audience makes. Learning to optimize for voice searches now prepares you for the future when they will surely dominate the search industry.

What Is Google’s EAT Principle?

EAT is how Google measures the quality of content on the web. One of the 2022 SEO changes you need to look out for is Google’s increased reliance on EAT, which is an acronym that stands for:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

You must demonstrate that your online content is legitimate for Google to rank it high. EAT is especially important to “Your Money, Your Life” websites, such as finance and health care sites. One part of creating EAT content is to use reputable sources. Backing up your claims with statistics and facts makes your content more legitimate. Remember EAT when creating content to get more traffic in 2022.

Are We Still Focusing on Primary Keywords?

Yes, but Google has shifted focus to semantically related words to match a searcher’s intent in 2022. This means that you can integrate more secondary keywords into your content. The more pertinent information Google finds in your content, through primary keywords and related words, the higher it will rank.

You still need to use the primary keywords you identify, but Google has improved at finding related words and directing traffic there. Also, using secondary keywords makes your content feel more natural to the reader. This makes them stay on your page longer, which also improves your ranking.

Bradford Strategies stays on top of the 2022 SEO changes so you can focus on running your business. Their experts integrate the latest marketing strategies to get your business seen. Contact Bradford Strategies now.