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So you don’t have a strong online presence?

Bradford Strategies says don’t judge a book by its cover; instead judge it by its website!

Your website is your first impression and believe us, it counts. A strong digital image is critical for a successful business in today’s modern technology. If your website is antiquated, it can distort your digital image and will impact your customers’ opinion of your brand or product. We understand that your website must be easy for your customers to use and search engine friendly you can count on Bradford Strategies to develop a first class, modern web design for your company.

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cloud-comupting-300x217Responsive Designs:

The web has left the desktop and entered the pocket.  Your website has to be responsive so that no matter where your site is viewed, the user experience is not compromised. Responsive sites offer:

  • Various desktop resolutions.
  • Mobile and Tablet versions.
  • Functionality options for each platform.

content-people-01Up to Date Design

The design of your web page goes beyond animated sliders, sales content and stock photos. Your web design must achieve several goals:

  • A brand consistent, responsive design.
  • Unique and compelling content.
  • A stable and update-friendly platform.

Bradford Strategies will assess your current website and consult with you on your brand through a consultative discovery process to define your goals and expectations.  We will work with you through planning, designing and creating your website to enhancing, upgrading and maintaining it.

We are pleased to provide website audits and recommendations for upgrades as well as ongoing analytics.

Let us help your business take advantage of changing market conditions, socioeconomic changes, major news events, and other important factors you’ll need to be on top of in order to remain relevant.