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Local Search Marketing

Dominate Your Local Market
Local Search Marketing

As they say, the bigger the pond, the more fish swimming in it. While connecting your business to different cities, states, and countries is always a good plan, you wouldn’t want to leave your neighbor’s behind. In a city like New York, for example, your competitors would have the potential to steal a major part of your client base if you fall off the local map.

Local SEO services help keep you at the forefront of your neighbor’s minds, even when the pond is very large. Just like all SEO, our goal with local searches will be tailored to your specific needs with the aim of increasing customers, visibility in search engines, and revenue. One way we do this is using tactics optimized to boost your business to the top of online search lists. When your neighbors search business like yours in the area, they’ll find yours first.


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To support your local search presence, you will need to optimize your online profiles so that search engines identify your business in the correct searches.

To give the business the best chance of showing up in the searches, you will need to properly inform the search engines, which includes accurate, consistent NAPU (name, address, phone number, URL) to the most important search directories for your industry.

This consistent information will show the search engine that it can trust your business.

If, however, the listings on those popular directories contain inaccurate, inconsistent information, the search engine won’t know if it can trust your business.

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