At Bradford Strategies we love planning and strategizing. Due to the complex nature of modern business technology, you need a trusted advisor to help clarify your needs to set you on a path to success. Let us use our expertise to guide you through modern web-based software integration, software deployment, software implementation, web application development, software platforms, customer relationship management setup, accounting software, and your project management needs.

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shutterstock_208733089Bradford Strategies will take a look at your business focus as it relates to your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We will use strategic creative analysis and move forward with developing and executing an action plan based on market segmentation, your target audience, and your positioning. Together, we will help you evaluate your plan and monitor its progress.

Give yourself some major competitive edge by letting Bradford Strategies utilize demographics, psychographics and many other important variables that come into the marketing mix. Bradford Strategies will guide you and get your market planning needs rolling in the right direction.

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